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Tid: 19. mai 2021 10:0010:45

Cristina Baggethun holder sin prøveforelesning for vikarstillingen som førstelektor ved Senter for Ibsen-studier.

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Doctoral candidate Bianca Patria
Tid og sted: 21. mai 2021 13:15, Zoom

Master Bianca Patria at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies will defend her dissertation Kenning Variation and Lexical Selection in Early Skaldic Verse for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD).

Doktorgradskandidat Bianca Patria
Tid og sted: 21. mai 2021 13:15, Zoom

Master Bianca Patria ved Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier vil forsvare sin avhandling Kenning Variation and Lexical Selection in Early Skaldic Verse for graden philosophiae doctor (ph.d.).

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Tid: 27. mai 2021 14:1515:15

Dr Suzanne Beeke is an associate professor in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at University College London, and a qualified speech and language therapist. Her research focuses on communication disability in adults with post-stroke aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and dementia, particularly the impact of these conditions on everyday conversations in the home and on healthcare interactions. She led the team that developed Better Conversations with Aphasia (@BCAphasia), a free e-learning resource and communication training programme for SLTs to use with people with aphasia and family members (https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/). She was part of the Nottingham-based NIHR HR&DS funded VOICE Study, which developed communication training for healthcare professionals interacting with people with dementia on acute hospital wards (@voice_study).

Suzanne Beeke's talk will be in English.

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Tid: 27. mai 2021 14:1515:15

Dr Suzanne Beeke er førsteamanuensis i avdelingen for psykologi og språkvitenskap ved University College London, og hun er kvalifisert logoped. Hennes forskning fokuserer på kommunikasjonsvansker hos voksne med afasi etter hjerneslag, traumatisk hjerneskade og demens, og spesielt effekten av disse på hverdagssamtaler i hjemmet og i helsevesenet. Hun ledet teamet som utviklet Better Conversations with Aphasia (@BCAphasia), et gratis opplæringsprogram for e-læring og kommunikasjon for logopeder til å bruke med personer med afasi og deres familiemedlemmer (https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/). Hun var en del av den Nottingham-baserte NIHR HR&DS-finansierte VOICE Study, som utviklet en kommunikasjonstrening for helsepersonell som interagerer med personer med demens på akutte sykehusavdelinger (@voice_study).

Suzanne Beeke holder foredraget på engelsk.

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Tid og sted: 4. juni 2021 13:15, Zoom

Master Nicolai Egjar Engesland ved Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier vil forsvare sin avhandling Auraicept na nÉces: A Diachronic Study. With an Edition from the Book of Uí Mhaine for graden philosophiae doctor (ph.d.).

University library, Oslo
Tid og sted: 14. juni 202118. juni 2021, Universitetet i Oslo

Program for June 14–18, 2021

Registration (deadline June 6, 2021) 

Abstracts: Main session, Keynotes, Workshop 1, Workshop 2  

The NGL conference series (previously also known as ICNGL) provides an open forum for linguistic research in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas on Nordic (including Germanic, Finnic, Saamic and Greenlandic) and other languages, including multilingualism. Its main goals are to create and strengthen connections between researchers working on different languages, with different methodological and theoretical approaches. 

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Tid: 15. juni 202117. juni 2021

UPDATE: The LFG conference will be organized entirely online and the dates have been changed to July 13-16. We will post a link to the web page of the online conference here once it is ready.

Students following a lecture with their laptops and headphones
Tid og sted: 6. sep. 202110. sep. 2021, Georg Sverdrups hus, Stort møterom / Zoom

MultiLing's Summer School 2021 will take place from the 6th to the 10th of September 2021. The main topic this year will be Open-science practices in experimental psycholinguistics: from research plan to data processing and visualization in R.