Norwegian word associations

The data in these norms lists were collected as part of the MA project A New Association Test for Norwegian: Implications for Theories on the Mental Lexicon, and on Language and Ageing.

The full thesis will be available through DUO, the University of Oslo’s research archive.

In the master’s project, word association data was collected from participants in two age cohorts: 20-30 year olds, and over 60 year olds.  The younger cohort consisted of 122 participants, and the older cohort had 51 participants. Each participant was given a list of 100 cue words, and asked to write down the first word that came to mind for each of them. The norms lists show the frequencies for the different responses given to the cue words.  As the cohorts did not have the same amount of participants, both the raw number of times a response was given, and its proportion of the total number of responses for the cue word are presented. All responses are annotated for word class: N=noun, V=verb, A=adjective, Det=determinative, Adv=adverb, Prep=preposition.

A separate list is provided for each age cohort.  Idiosyncratic responses are not included in the lists. A full description of the methodology used to compile the norms lists is presented in chapter 4 in the thesis.

Malene Bøyum
Oslo, May 2016



normslists60-plus-NO IDIOSYNCRATIC RESPONSES.xlsx



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