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Førsteamanuensis - Sentral-Europa og Balkan-studier
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Besøksadresse Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows Hus
Postadresse Postboks 1003 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic interests

My research interests lie in contemporary Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian literature and culture, cultural history of the Balkans (19th - 21st centuries), comparative literature, and memory studies. 

My latest monograph Holocaust, War, and Transnational Memory: Testimony from Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Literature (Routledge 2018) examines the emergence and transformations of Holocaust memory in the socialist Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav eras. Building upon recent developments in memory studies, the book investigates hitherto marginalized as well as well-known (post-)Yugoslav Holocaust texts and explores the imaginative links they form with other (hi)stories of extreme violence. 

I am also the author of a book on the construction of national identities in Bosnia and Herzegovina under Austro-Hungarian rule (Sarajevo and Zagreb: Synopsis 2013). In addition to publications related to the cultural and literary history of Habsburg Bosnia, I have published book chapters and journal articles on the representation of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s in (post-)Yugoslav fiction. Together with Vlad Beronja, I edited the volume Post-Yugoslav Constellations: Archive, Memory, and Trauma in Contemporary Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Literature and Culture (De Gruyter 2016).


I am currently leading the three-year research project Probing the Boundaries of the (Trans)National: Imperial Legacies, Transnational Literary Networks and Multilingualism in East Central Europe, funded by the Research Council of Norway.


I hold a PhD in East European Languages and Cultures from Ghent University (2007). Before joining the University of Oslo and ILOS, I worked for one year as a Marie Curie (IEF) postdoctoral research fellow at Utrecht University and for six years as a postdoctoral fellow of the Flemish Research Council (FWO) at Ghent University. 

Courses taught in spring 2018

Polen, Tsjekkia og Balkan: Litteratur og samfunn 

Bosnisk/kroatisk/serbisk spåkbruk 2 

Kulturell erindring I Sentral-Europa og på Balkan: Den kontroversielle fortiden  

Bosnisk/kroatisk/serbisk tekststudium 

Emneord: Bosnisk/kroatisk/serbisk, Sentral-Europa og Balkan, minnestudier, Litteratur og litteraturvitenskap, Kulturhistorie


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  • Vervaet, Stijn (2016). Intersecting Memories in Post-Yugoslav Fiction: The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s through the Lens of the Holocaust, In Stijn Vervaet & Vlad Beronja (ed.),  Post-Yugoslav Constellations: Archive, Memory, and Trauma in Contemporary Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Literature and Culture.  Walter de Gruyter.  ISBN 978-3-11-043943-4.  Chapter.  s 99 - 126
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