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Global natives? Serving young audiences on global media platforms

Global platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Netflix dominate the media lives of Norwegian teenagers. Do national media actors still have a chance to win back the “lost generation”?

A young girl with headphones in front of several pc screens.

The new generation has completely different media habits than their parents. The project examines both the changing media habits and their consequences for the media industry.Illustration:

About the project

"Global Natives" studies whether the media habits of teens mark a generational shift, where teens will not adapt the media habits of older generations. National media organizations raise the alarm for a "lost generation" and how re-engaging with youth audiences is core to their legitimacy and economic sustainability. 

Global platforms also cause challenges for media policy, struggling to keep up with the media habits of teens and the increased competition faced by national media players. 

The project focuses on entertainment media, and the actions taken by national media producers and policymakers to become relevant for a new media generation. Entertainment media include content produced by legacy media players and by online celebrities, influencers and gamers. 


The primary objective is to investigate "global natives" as a generation with settled and radically different entertainment media habits, and the actions taken by national media producers and policymakers in order to become relevant for a new media generation.

Within a framework of youth/audience studies, production/media industry studies, and media policy studies, the project examines and theorizes tensions between the global and local.


The following institutions are contributing to the project:

  • Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo
  • Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen
  • Institute of Social Research, Oslo
  • Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London.


01.06.2021 - 31.01.2025


The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway. Grant nr. 315917.


Publications will be listed here. 


Sundet & Lüders (2021) "Unge som innfødte i en global mediekultur?", talk at Medietrender Ung 2021, Oslo, 26 August.

Sundet (2021) "Young streamers: Who are they and how to reach them?", talk at Seriedagene 2021, Oslo, 30 September. 

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