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Academic interests

I am co-heading the Screen Cultures research project and Master's programme, one of the prioritized research areas at the Faculty of Humanities (2019-2023). Together with our students, our team of researchers delve into various aspects of our screen lives, exploring their historical, technological, aesthetic and political dimensions, as well as their formative cultural effects. I am specifically interested in the political aspects of digitalisation, which I approach from a (symbolic) interactional perspective, inquiring into the ways habitual, relational practices are forming both the individual and the socio-cultural.

My former research project, "Online Interaction Forms", financed by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), has looked specifically at the affective dimension of interacting in various online environments. My approach has primarily been abductive, departing from the exemplary and symptomatic. It is derived from Alfred Lorenzer’s (1970, 1986) "scenic understanding", a psychosocial method of cultural analysis with a psychoanalytic orientation. Developing this method further, my work seeks to triangulate its psychosocial orientation by critically inquiring into the role of media and mediation in the always incomplete and imperfect processes of subjectification and socialisation.

My interests extend to the following fields within media and cultural studies:

- media & communication theory.
- psychosocial & psychoanalytic theory.

- critical theory.
- qualitative methodology (scenic understanding, discourse analysis, media-aesthetic analysis).
- screen culture: online platforms, social networking sites, critical approaches to participation and convergence cultures as well as user-generated content.
- affect, emotion and feeling in media communication and interaction.
- the roles, functions and meanings of aggression, mourning, humor and other mental states in media communication.

Courses taught

  • Internet, Self & Society (MEVIT 4616)
  • Methods in Media Studies (MEVIT 4834)
  • Courses under the Screen Cultures umbrella (MEVIT 4700 etc.)

Tags: digital culture, media and communication, psychosocial studies

Emneord: Screen Cultures, Sosiale medier, Medieestetikk
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