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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andersen, Arvid Evjen a.e.andersen@iakh.uio.no History
Auke, Martin martin.auke@iakh.uio.no
Biesenbaum, Daniel Ergo d.e.biesenbaum@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Ragnhild M. Boe Boe, Ragnhild M. +4798032920 r.m.boe@iakh.uio.no Medieval Culture, Art History, Renaissance, Manuscript Culture, Material Culture
Picture of Marten Boon Boon, Marten Researcher marten.boon@iakh.uio.no Economic History, Business History, Transnational History, Oil History, Statoil, trading companies, tax havens, Environmental History
Picture of Marius Buning Buning, Marius Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22857875 marius.buning@iakh.uio.no History, Early modern history, Contemporary History, Legal History, Book History, International History, History of Science
Picture of Vincent Dubé-Senécal Dubé-Senécal, Vincent Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858828 +47 413 21 869 vincent.dube-senecal@iakh.uio.no History, History of International Relations, Fashion History, France
Picture of Ingeborg Amadou Fossestøl Fossestøl, Ingeborg Amadou Stipendiat 47968141 i.a.fossestol@iakh.uio.no History, Intellectual history, Translation, Periodicals
Halle, Maria Senior Lecturer maria.halle@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Ruth Hemstad Hemstad, Ruth Associate Professor +47 22856518 +47 93437312 +47 93437312 ruth.hemstad@iakh.uio.no History
Hope, Steffen Andre Birkeland s.a.b.hope@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Andreas Bagås Lien Lien, Andreas Bagås Lecturer 95877711 a.b.lien@iakh.uio.no History, Teaching, History teaching
Loth, Mala Katharina Stipendiat m.k.loth@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Francesco Maniglia Maniglia, Francesco Stipendiat francesco.maniglia@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Henrik Olav Mathiesen Mathiesen, Henrik Olav Stipendiat +47 22854987 +47 47042336 h.o.mathiesen@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Audrey Millet Millet, Audrey Postdoctoral Fellow +33662732450 audrey.millet@iakh.uio.no History, History of Science, Technology, Labour, Sweatshop, Workers, Clothes, IPR, Industrialisation
Picture of Minja Mitrovic Mitrovic, Minja Stipendiat minja.mitrovic@iakh.uio.no
Mørk, Hulda Kjeang Stipendiat h.k.mork@iakh.uio.no History
Naderer, Max maxn@iakh.uio.no
Nesheim, Anna Marie Skråmestø Doctoral Research Fellow a.m.s.nesheim@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Ada Elisabeth Nissen Nissen, Ada Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22857270 +47 48123428 a.e.nissen@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Olav Njølstad Njølstad, Olav Adjunct Professor +47 22854415 +47 97675260 olav.njolstad@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Hilde Andrea Nysether Nysether, Hilde Andrea 94988015 h.a.nysether@iakh.uio.no History, Middle Ages, Norway, Iceland, Scandinavia, Political culture
Picture of Alexandre Simon-Ekeland Simon-Ekeland, Alexandre Doctoral Fellow Polar history, History of Emotions, Media history, Knowledge history, French History
Picture of Ingar Stene Stene, Ingar Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856294 +47 97477707 ingar.stene@ikos.uio.no Environmental Humanities, OSEH, Environmental History, Early Modern Period, Historiography, History of knowledge, History of ideas, History of Concepts, Scandinavia, Climate Change