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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ada Arendt Arendt, Ada Postdoctoral Fellow ada.arendt@iakh.uio.no Cultural history, Environmental History, Ethics of care, Temporality, Book History, Microhistory, Historical anthropology
Auke, Martin Lecturer martin.auke@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Michele Baitieri Baitieri, Michele Researcher +47 22854893 michele.baitieri@iakh.uio.no Early Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Palaeography, Church History
Biesenbaum, Daniel Ergo Lecturer d.e.biesenbaum@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Subhadeep Chowdhury Chowdhury, Subhadeep Doctoral Research Fellow subhadeep.chowdhury@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Johanna Conterio Conterio, Johanna Associate Professor +47 22858828 johanna.conterio@iakh.uio.no Environmental History, International History, History of Medicine, Microbe Studies, Disease Ecology, Environment and Health, Urban History, Environmental Humanities, History of Science
Picture of Ingeborg Amadou Fossestøl Fossestøl, Ingeborg Amadou Doctoral Research Fellow 47968141 i.a.fossestol@iakh.uio.no History, Intellectual history, Translation, Periodicals
Færevik, Walied Andreas Aarab Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856518 45470573 w.a.a.farevik@iakh.uio.no Energy security, Economic History, Geopolitics, Foreign policy, Petroleum History, sovereign wealth fund, Oil fund
Halle, Maria Senior Lecturer maria.halle@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Ruth Solveig Hemstad Hemstad, Ruth Solveig Associate Professor +47 93437312 r.s.hemstad@iakh.uio.no History
Hope, Steffen Andre Birkeland Postdoctoral Fellow s.a.b.hope@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Matias Kallevik Kallevik, Matias Doctoral Research Fellow matias.kallevik@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Andreas Bagås Lien Lien, Andreas Bagås Lecturer 95877711 a.b.lien@iakh.uio.no History, Teaching, History teaching
Picture of Mala Katharina Loth Loth, Mala Katharina Doctoral Research Fellow m.k.loth@iakh.uio.no History
Lundsby Skov, Jesper
Malik, Nikhil Doctoral Research Fellow nikhil.malik@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Francesco Maniglia Maniglia, Francesco Doctoral Research Fellow francesco.maniglia@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Audrey Millet Millet, Audrey Postdoctoral Fellow +33662732450 audrey.millet@iakh.uio.no History, Fashion History, Labour, Sweatshop, Workers, Clothes, IPR, Industrialisation
Picture of Minja Mitrovic Mitrovic, Minja Doctoral Research Fellow minja.mitrovic@iakh.uio.no
Mørk, Hulda Kjeang Senior Lecturer +47 22854987 h.k.mork@iakh.uio.no History
Naderer, Max Senior Lecturer +47 22844491 max.naderer@iakh.uio.no
Nesheim, Anna Marie Skråmestø Doctoral Research Fellow a.m.s.nesheim@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Olav Njølstad Njølstad, Olav Adjunct Professor olav.njolstad@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Øyvind Haug Nordbotten Nordbotten, Øyvind Haug Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857842 o.h.nordbotten@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Samuel Ottewill-Soulsby Ottewill-Soulsby, Samuel Researcher samuel.ottewill-soulsby@iakh.uio.no Early Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Palaeography, Political culture, International Relations