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Picture of Kåre Arnfinn Andersen Andersen, Kåre Arnfinn Professor Emeritus +47 22844085 k.a.andersen@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Ole Jørgen Benedictow Benedictow, Ole Jørgen Professor Emeritus o.j.benedictow@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Jorunn Bjørgum Bjørgum, Jorunn jorunn.bjorgum@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Kristine Bruland Bruland, Kristine Professor Emeritus +47 22857942 +47 99100250 kristine.bruland@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Åsmund  Egge Egge, Åsmund Professor Emeritus + 47-92436216 asmund.egge@iakh.uio.no History of Communism, Modern history, Modern Russian history
Picture of Robert Marc Friedman Friedman, Robert Marc +47 22854205 +4791639068 +47 916 39 068 r.m.friedman@hf.uio.no History, History of Science, History of Universities, Polar Hiistory, Historical Sociology of Knowledge, Diffusing historical scholarship through dramatization
Picture of Finn Fuglestad Fuglestad, Finn Professor Emeritus +47 22844827 +47 93615113 finn.fuglestad@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Ole Kristian Grimnes Grimnes, Ole Kristian Professor Emeritus o.k.grimnes@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Gro Hagemann Hagemann, Gro Professor Emeritus +47 22844491 gro.hagemann@samfunnsforskning.no History
Picture of Even Lange Lange, Even Professor Emeritus +47 22856176 +47 95077051 even.lange@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Jan Eivind Myhre Myhre, Jan Eivind +47 22854467 +4748423304 j.e.myhre@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Helge Øystein Pharo Pharo, Helge Øystein +47 22856874 h.o.pharo@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Pamela Gwynne Price Price, Pamela Gwynne Professor Emeritus +47 22856877 +4797022241 p.g.price@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Øystein Rian Rian, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47 22854940 oystein.rian@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Anne-Lise Seip Seip, Anne-Lise Professor Emeritus +47 22856878 a.l.seip@iakh.uio.no History
Picture of Jarle Simensen Simensen, Jarle Professor Emeritus jarle.simensen@iakh.uio.no History