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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Gabriele Oropallo Oropallo, Gabriele Research Fellow, Design History g.oropallo [at] Design, Design History, Technology, Architecture, Sustainability, Nature, Climate
Picture of Arild Pedersen Pedersen, Arild Professor Emeritus +47 22855728
Picture of Kim Phillips Pedersen Pedersen, Kim Phillips Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Pepp, Jessica Alden Researcher +47 22841685
Petterson, Einar Robert Professor +47 22855368 Art History
Picture of Joanna Pollock Pollock, Joanna Postdoctoral Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Ellef Prestsæter Prestsæter, Ellef Philosophy
Picture of Inger Julie Nygaard Preus Preus, Inger Julie Nygaard Professor Emeritus +47 22855994 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Øyvind Rabbås Rabbås, Øyvind Professor of Philosophy 22844449 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg Ramberg, Bjørn Torgrim Professor +47 22841673 +47 91742234 Philosophy
Picture of Agustín Rayo Fierro Rayo Fierro, Agustín Professor II +16177104617 Philosophy
Picture of Vibeke Roggen Roggen, Vibeke Associate Professor +47 22856838 Classics, Latin
Picture of Nils Roll-Hansen Roll-Hansen, Nils Professor Emeritus +47 22856929 Philosophy
Picture of Paula Rubio-Fernandez Rubio-Fernandez, Paula Researcher +47 22841662 Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Theory of Mind
Picture of Joona Räsänen Räsänen, Joona Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856721 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics
Picture of Thor Inge Rørvik Rørvik, Thor Inge Lecturer +47 22854916 History of ideas
Sandvik, Håkon Professor Emeritus +47 22857546 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Jens Saugstad Saugstad, Jens Professor of Philosophy +47 22856978 + 47 90608040 Philosophy, Ethics, Applied ethics, The Philosophy of mind, Kant, Wittgenstein, Political philosophy, Epistemology
Picture of Espen Schaanning Schaanning, Espen Professor +47 22856101 +4795943656 +47 95943656 History of ideas, Punishment, French Enlightenment, The Scout Movement, School history, Pacifism
Picture of Francesca Secco Secco, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow
Seim, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Camilla Serck-Hanssen Serck-Hanssen, Camilla Professor +47 22844452 Philosophy, History of philosophy 1600-1800, Kant, Conceptual Engineering, Ethics of War
Picture of Øystein Sjåstad Sjåstad, Øystein Associate Professor +47 22841057 Art History, Modernism, Comics and Graphic Novels, Semiotics
Picture of Mathilde Skoie Skoie, Mathilde Pro-Dean +47 22855331 +4792848073 +47 92848073 Classics, Latin, Greek
Picture of Kari Sletnes Sletnes, Kari Lecturer +47 22855846 +4799544539 Philosophy, Ex.phil.