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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Research Network at the University of Oslo.

Who are we?

We are an open network of people interested in the field of digital humanities (dh). Though the term "digital humanities" is still new and to some degree controversial, there has been research as well as teaching dh for almost four decades at Norwegian universities and other academic and educational institutions.

Our aim is to gather digital humanities projects, activities, and practitioners at UiO and in the Oslo area and make their work and expertise visible as “digital humanities in practice” and thus further academic and administrative engagement in a promising field. The Oslo based network has played in major role in founding the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Organisation (DHN) and held its inaugural conference in Oslo in March 2016.

We host an open public e-mailing list. You can join the list for news and information about DH at UiO, in Oslo, Norway, and the Nordic Countries at

Core group

Annika Rockenberger (ILOS), Alexander Refsum Jensenius (IMV), Asgeir Nesøen (HF-IT), Diana Santos (ILOS), Espen S. Ore (ILN), Federico Aurora (UB/IFIKK), Jarle Ebeling (MUSIT), Jens Erland Braarvig (IKOS), Joel Priestley (ILN), and Gunnar Liestøl (IMK).


For the future, see Arrangementer.

As for the past, in inverse chronological order:

  • Kartproduksjon ved HF (Short course on maps)
  • Presentasjoner av digital humanities-prosjekter ved Det Humanistiske Fakultetet
  • The two-day Ph.D. seminar "What are Digital Humanities?", held in spring term 2013 at UiO as part of the Ph.D. programme at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages (ILOS) –


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