KELLY - Word lists for language learning

The Kelly word lists were developed in the KELLY project. We developed multilingual wordlists between nine languages, for which we used the 9,000 most frequent words (based on corpora) in each language to be translated to the others.
You can search in the full database here:

The lists and the work is described in this paper:
Kilgarriff, Adam; Charalabopoulou, Frieda; Gavrilidou, Maria; Johannessen, Janne Bondi; Khalil, Saussan; Kokkinakis, Sofie Johansson; Lew, Robert; Sharoff, Serge; Vadlapudi, Ravikiran & Volodina, Elena. 2014. Corpus-based vocabulary lists for language learners for nine languages. Language Resources and Evaluation, 48:121–163, DOI 10.1007/s10579-013-9251-2. Download.

The languages that are present in the database are: Arabic, Chinese, English, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish.

The Kelly project was financed by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Grant 505630. Partners: Partners: Stockholm University, Sweden (coordinators); Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland; Cambridge Lexicography and Language Services, UK; Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), Greece; Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy; Keewords AB, Sweden; Lexical Computing Ltd., UK; University of Gothenburg, Sweden; University of Leeds, UK; University of Oslo, Norway.

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The Swedish part of KELLY

The frequency list is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license:

- The Norwegian Kelly list with translations in English:


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