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Digital media research group

Researching social and cultural transformations related to digital media technologies 

Screen showing different social media apps. Photo.

About the research group

We aim to explore the various uses and experiences of different digital media technologies, such as the internet, social media platforms, streaming services, chatbots/AI, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Thus, we try to understand how changing digital media, design and modes of usage affect people, cultural production and society.

This research group includes several leading researchers that extends beyond disciplinary and departmental boundaries and incorporates a wider range of social sciences and humanities.

To reveal new understandings of digital media and its impact on individuals and society, we employ innovative and creative methods and theories to explore new usage and communication patterns, expressions, design elements and content in digital media, including algorithms and AI-based systems. We also experiment with new forms of (big) data collections, both qualitative and quantitative, on diverse digital channels and social media platforms.

The group is also part of the TechWell ( Gemini Center, focusing on the human aspect of technology development. 

The group is under development and will be consolidated in 2022. More information is coming. 

Research themes

  • digital culture 
  • digital democracy and participation
  • algorithms and power
  • digital journalism
  • digital divides and inequalities  
  • platforms and cultural productions  
  • online streaming and the culture industries
  • conversational AI/chatbots and social relationships
  • virtual reality 
  • augmented reality and storytelling 
  • big data and algorithmic decision-making
  • surveillance and freedom of expression online
  • digital media innovations and design
  • new methods in digital/social media
Tags: Digital media, Artificial Intelligence, Social media, Virtual reality, Algorithms, Privacy
Published Jan. 13, 2022 12:21 PM - Last modified Mar. 28, 2022 12:12 PM