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Picture of Astrid Kvalbein Kvalbein, Astrid Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22 85 47 60 +47 977 35 878 Music History, Norwegian Musical Heritage, Modernism, Performance Practice
Picture of Knut Kvale Kvale, Knut Professor II. Department of media and communication Media and communication, Media Innovation
Picture of Erika Johanna Kvistad Kvistad, Erika Johanna Senior Lecturer +47-22856713 English literature, English, Literature, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Gender and sexuality, Gender and Feminist Studies
Picture of Per Kværne Kværne, Per +47-94327213 History of Religions, Hinduism
Picture of Franziska Köder Köder, Franziska Postdoctoral Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Lill-Ann Körber Körber, Lill-Ann Postdoctoral Fellow -54295 +47-91996819 Nordic literature, Postcolonialism, Art History
Picture of Lucy Küng Küng, Lucy Professor II
Picture of Lorenza La Rosa La Rosa, Lorenza Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841907 Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Material Culture, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology
Picture of Signe Laake Laake, Signe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854876
Laanemets, Anu Associate Professor +47-22854906
Picture of Eirin Cathrine  Lade Lade, Eirin Cathrine Communication Officer - on leave +47 22 85 04 40 Communication, Events
Picture of Han Lamers Lamers, Han Associate Professor
Picture of Dana Ryan Lande Lande, Dana Ryan Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854074
Picture of Even Lange Lange, Even +47-22856176 +47-95077051 History
Picture of Katharina Lange Lange, Katharina Higher Executive Officer +47-22855239 Art History, Digital Humanities, Digital learning resources, Databases, Research support
Picture of Kari Langseth Langseth, Kari Student Advisor 22 84 44 03
Langseth, Solfrid Oppedal Senior Executive Officer +47-22844433 Archives
Picture of Bente Larsen Larsen, Bente Professor +47-22856734 aesthetics, art theory, modernisme/postmodernisme, visual art from 1800
Picture of Eirinn Larsen Larsen, Eirinn Associate Professor +47-22857205 # 4792226993
Larsen, Lisbeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22854198 Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, bilateral agreements and Erasmus+ agreements
Picture of Ragnar Holst Larsen Larsen, Ragnar Holst Adviser +47-22844738 PhD coordinator, History, Student and Academic Administration, Modern International and Transnational History, MITRA
Larsson, Ida Professor 228 57919 Linguistics, syntax, Historical linguistics
Picture of Olivier Lartillot Lartillot, Olivier Researcher +47-22854747 +4552526368 +4552526368
Lassen, Bente Professor Emeritus +47-22856843 Classics
Lausund , Olav Professor emeritus
Picture of Vera Lazzaretti Lazzaretti, Vera Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854776 South Asia, India, Cosmopolitanism, Hinduism, Anthropology, Pilgrimage, Religion and politics, Cultural heritage
Picture of Simon Pierre Louis Lebouteiller Lebouteiller, Simon Pierre Louis Associate Professor History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Scandinavia, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Norse literature, Political culture, Diplomacy, Peace, Peacemaking, Rituals
Picture of Ingjerd Legreid Legreid, Ingjerd +47 22 85 47 75
Picture of Siren Leirvåg Leirvåg, Siren Lecturer +47-22856124 Theatre history, Theatre theory, Dramaturgy
Picture of David Levin Levin, David Professor II
Picture of Brynjar Lia Lia, Brynjar Professor +47-22857191 The Middle East, Islamism, Jihadism, CIMS
Picture of Einar Lie Lie, Einar Professor +47-22857562 93284945 History, Contemporary History, Economic History, Planning and policymaking
Picture of Ida Kamilla Lie Lie, Ida Kamilla Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854866 + 47 452 88 922 Design History, Architecture, Cultural history, Scandinavian Design, Industrial Design, Environmental History
Picture of Svein Lie Lie, Svein 22 85 49 42
Picture of Astrid Lied Lied, Astrid Administrative head of studies +47 22 85 76 08 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Lena Liepe Liepe, Lena Professor +47-22856149 Art History, Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Iconography, Interpretation and Meaning, Illumination, Historiography, Museums, Image and Cult
Picture of Gunnar Liestøl Liestøl, Gunnar Professor +47-22850439 Mobile media, Augmented Reality, Location–based media, Rhetoric, Narratology, Digital Design
Picture of Chieh-Ting Lin Lin, Chieh-Ting Lecturer +47-22854781 Chinese
Picture of Trude Lind Lind, Trude Study coordinator, student advisor South Asia studies 228 58105
Picture of Monika Lindbekk Lindbekk, Monika Lecturer
Picture of Hanne Katrine Lindemann Lindemann, Hanne Katrine Administrative head of studies + 47 22 85 84 36 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Admissions, Orientation week for new students, Quality of education
Picture of Øystein Linnebo Linnebo, Øystein Professor +47-22856961 +47-46660036 Philosophy, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Frege
Picture of Roar Lishaugen Lishaugen, Roar Associate Professor +47-22845883 Czech, Central Europe, History of Reading, Book History, Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis
Picture of Álvaro Llosa Sanz Llosa Sanz, Álvaro Associate Professor +47-22855532 +47 22 85 55 32 Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Renaissance Literature, Hypermedia, Media history, Rhetoric, Material Culture, Digital Humanities, Digital Literacy
Picture of Graciete S. C.  Londrim Londrim, Graciete S. C. International Coordinator +47-22856019 Student and Academic Administration, Internationalisation, Incoming exchange students, Portuguese Language
Picture of Mexitli Nayeli Lopez Rios Lopez Rios, Mexitli Nayeli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856909 Literature, Biopolitics, Posthumanism, Monster Studies, Science Fiction, Gothic, Horror
Picture of Einhart  Lorenz Lorenz, Einhart Professor Emeritus 22857206 History
Picture of Svein Erling Lorås Lorås, Svein Erling Emeritus
Loth, Mala Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jakob Lothe Lothe, Jakob Professor +47-22856897