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Persons tagged with «Archaeology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Knut Ivar Austvoll Austvoll, Knut Ivar PhD Candidate +47-22850314 +47-90963384 Archaeology, Bronze Age
Picture of Sheila Coulson Coulson, Sheila Associate Professor +47-22841906 Archaeology
Picture of Marianne Hem Eriksen Eriksen, Marianne Hem PhD Candidate +47-22841959 Archaeology, Viking Age, Iron Age, settlement archaeology, mythology, Social Theory
Picture of Per Ditlef Fredriksen Fredriksen, Per Ditlef Associate Professor +47-22841911 +47-91126749 Archaeology, Iron Age, Southern African Archaeology, Theory, Method, Ethnoarchaeology, Critical Heritage Studies
Picture of Ingrid Fuglestvedt Fuglestvedt, Ingrid Associate Professor +47-22841926 Archaeology
Picture of Jan Magne Gjerde Gjerde, Jan Magne Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841912 Archaeology, Rock Art, Stone Age, Landscape
Picture of Lotte Hedeager Hedeager, Lotte Professor +47-22841936 Archaeology
Picture of Lene Os Johannessen Johannessen, Lene Os PhD Candidate +47-22841907 Archaeology
Picture of Julie Lund Lund, Julie Associate Professor +47-22841941 Archaeology, Viking Age
Picture of Unn Pedersen Pedersen, Unn Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841999 + 47 99518022 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Picture of Christopher Prescott Prescott, Christopher Professor +47-22841908 +47-91578914 Archaeology
Picture of Anne Lise  Seip Seip, Anne Lise Archaeology
Picture of Vibeke Maria Viestad Viestad, Vibeke Maria PhD Candidate +47-22841945 Archaeology
Picture of Romy  Wyche Wyche, Romy Researcher (47)22845857 Archaeology, History, Medieval Studies
Picture of Lars Reinholt Aas Aas, Lars Reinholt PhD Candidate +47-22841949 Archaeology