Corpus Linguistics Group

The Corpus Linguistics Group provides a forum for the discussion of topics related to corpus linguistics, particularly within English language research.

About the group

The group has members from the University of Oslo as well as other institutions. Meetings are held approximately once a month.

In the spring of 2018, the group will meet on Thursdays, 16.15-17.30.

Date Room Presenter Topic
8 Feb PAM-489 Ruprecht von Waldenfels From data collection to analysis: towards a Slavic corpus-based dialectogist's virtual work bench
NB: Starting at 16:30
15 Mar PAM-489 Tove Larsson (Louvain)

Lexico-grammatical stance markers across registers: Nuancing the (in)formal dichotomy

12 Apr PAM-489 Kristin Bech (et al.) Report on ongoing work in the project Constraints on syntactic variation: noun phrases in early Germanic languages 
3 May PAM-489 Alexander K. Lykke Verbs in American Norwegian: Tense/Finiteness morphology and V2 syntax


Emneord: Korpuslingvistikk, Corpus linguistics
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