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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Samad Josef Alavi Alavi, Samad Josef Senior Lecturer +47 22854816 s.j.alavi@ikos.uio.no Persian, Iranian Studies, Middle East, Translation Studies, Literature, CIMS
Picture of Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi Batmanghelichi, Kristin Soraya Associate Professor +47 22844836 k.s.batmanghelichi@ikos.uio.no Middle East, CIMS, SIMS, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Iran, Gender and sexuality, Gender and Feminist Studies, Gender Theory, Political Islam
Picture of Bernt Brendemoen Brendemoen, Bernt bernt.brendemoen@ikos.uio.no Turkish, Pamuk, Language contact, Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Carla el Khoury el Khoury, Carla Lecturer +47 22854456 +47 46665181 c.e.khoury@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Stephan Guth Guth, Stephan Professor +47 22856783 stephan.guth@ikos.uio.no Arabic, Turkish, Comparative Literature, Languages and Literatures of the "Islamic World", Etymology of Arabic, Philology, In 2016, Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Albrecht Hermann Hofheinz Hofheinz, Albrecht Hermann Associate Professor +47 22856854 +47-47285768 a.h.hofheinz@ikos.uio.no Middle East, Arabic, Arab Media, Internet, Islam, Sufism, North Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Timbuktu, CIMS
Picture of Brynjar Lia Lia, Brynjar Professor +47 22857191 brynjar.lia@ikos.uio.no Middle East, Islamism, Jihadism, armed conflict, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, CIMS
Picture of Teresa Pepe Pepe, Teresa Associate Professor +47 22854126 teresa.pepe@ikos.uio.no Arabic, Language, Literature, Media, History, Middle East, CIMS, Environmental Humanities, miljøhumaniora
Picture of Dag Henrik Tuastad Tuastad, Dag Henrik Senior Lecturer +47 22844165 d.h.tuastad@ikos.uio.no Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Global South, CIMS
Picture of Emel Türker-Van der Heiden Türker-Van der Heiden, Emel Senior Lecturer +47 22857735 e.t.van.der.heiden@ikos.uio.no Turkish, Linguistics, Middle East, Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Codeswitching, CIMS
Picture of Bjørn Olav Utvik Utvik, Bjørn Olav Professor +47 22856808 +47 97133256 +47-97133256 b.o.utvik@ikos.uio.no Middle East, contemporary political history, Islam, religion and politics, CIMS, Egypt, Iran, Gulf
Picture of Einar Wigen Wigen, Einar Associate Professor +47 22858239 einar.wigen@ikos.uio.no Turkish, Turkey, Central Asia, Political Islam, Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Zehad Sabri Mohamed Zehad Zehad, Zehad Sabri Mohamed Lecturer +47 22854429 +47 93008303 z.s.m.zehad@ikos.uio.no Arabic, CIMS, Middle East Studies