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Video Lab

The Video Lab is used for recording and editing audio and video. The setup of the room enables flexible audio and video routing across all the facilities of the institute. Additionally, it's possible to live stream, do voice-over and green screen recordings etc.

The video lab is used for video recordings and post-production. A digital video patch ensures that camera signals from the other studios and labs can be recorded centrally in one location. The lab is also equipped to do multi-channel sound recordings.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Apple Mac mini with ATEM and Blackmagic software
  • HP Pro desk with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • High-resolution monitors for video post production
  • Genelec 8030 active studio monitors 
  • Blackmagic SSD-4K recorder
  • 24-channel MOTU interface setup (preamps and converters)
  • 2 channels of Audient Black preamps 
  • 2 channels of Audient Black compressors
  • DBX 676 channelstrip (preamp, EQ and compressor)
  • Shure SM7b dynamic microphone for dubbing and broadcast recordings
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