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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kraggerud, Egil Professor Emeritus +47 22856840 Classics
Picture of Mira  Kramarova Kramarova, Mira Adviser 0047 22 85 42 90 Human resources administration, Parental Leave
Picture of Emil Kraugerud Kraugerud, Emil Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854754 Popular Music, Music Production, Music Technology, Music Analysis
Picture of Ellen Krefting Krefting, Ellen Professor +47 22841064 History of ideas, Intellectual history, Early modern, Enlightenment, Public sphere, Freedom of speech and democracy, Gender Perspectives, Historiography, Denmark-Norway
Picture of Håkon Kristensen Kristensen, Håkon On leave
Picture of Peter Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Peter Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Nina Johanne Elodie Krogh Krogh, Nina Johanne Elodie Higher Executive Officer +47 22854485 22854485
Picture of Otto Krogseth Krogseth, Otto Professor emeritus +47-22856855 History of Religions, Christianity, Ethics
Krohn-Hansen, Julianne Head of Office +47 22857003 +47 93451868
Picture of Kristoffer Kruken Kruken, Kristoffer Professor +47 22854798 +47 48191234 Name studies
Picture of Steffen Krüger Krüger, Steffen Senior Lecturer +47 22850442 digital culture, media and communication, psychosocial studies, Social media, Media aesthetics, Political communication
Picture of Karin Kukkonen Kukkonen, Karin Professor +47 22854872 Comparative Literature, Narratology, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Comics and Graphic Novels, Cognitive Poetics
Kulsrud, Nina Senior executive officer +47 22 85 49 75 Administration
Picture of Ragnhild Kuløy Kuløy, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer 228 56060
Picture of Vita Kvedaraite Kvedaraite, Vita Higher Executive Officer +47-22854724
Picture of Vita Kvedaraite Kvedaraite, Vita Higher Executive Officer +47 22854724
Picture of Per Kværne Kværne, Per +47 94327213 Hinduism, History of Religions
Picture of Lorenza La Rosa La Rosa, Lorenza Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841907 Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Material Culture, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Laanemets, Anu Associate Professor +47 22854906 Nordic language
Picture of Eirin Cathrine Lade Lade, Eirin Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 22850440 Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Han Lamers Lamers, Han Associate Professor +47-22857178 Classics, Classical tradition, Reception studies, History of scholarship, History of ideas
Picture of Qichao Lan Lan, Qichao Doctoral Research Fellow Live Coding, Deep Learning, Music and Motion, Music Technology, Music Programming, SuperCollider
Landa, Karen Drabløs Senior Executive Officer +47 22855135 Budgeting, Project controller, Externally funded projects
Picture of Pia Lane Lane, Pia Professor of Multilingualism +47-22845695 Multilingualism, Language ideologies, Language policy, Norwegian Language
Picture of Even Lange Lange, Even Professor Emeritus +47 22856176 +47 95077051 History
Lange, Katharina Higher Executive Officer +47 22855239 Art History, Digital Humanities, Digital learning resources, Databases, Research support
Picture of Kari Langseth Langseth, Kari Senior Executive Officer 22 84 44 03
Langseth, Solfrid Oppedal Senior Executive Officer +47 22844433 Archives
Picture of Anna Grøndahl Larsen Larsen, Anna Grøndahl Senior Lecturer 97723526 Media and communication, Political communication, Journalism, Freedom of speech and democracy in the media
Picture of Bente Larsen Larsen, Bente Professor +47 22856734 Art History, Aesthetics, Modernism
Picture of Eirinn Larsen Larsen, Eirinn Associate Professor +47 22857205 # 4792226993 History
Larsen, Lisbeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22854198 Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, bilateral agreements and Erasmus+ agreements
Picture of Ragnar Holst Larsen Larsen, Ragnar Holst Adviser +47 22844738 Student administration, Student guidance, PhD, Master's thesis
Picture of Ida Larsson Larsson, Ida Professor +47 228 57919 Linguistics, syntax, Historical linguistics
Picture of Olivier Lartillot Lartillot, Olivier +47 966 81 210‬
Lassen, Bente Professor Emeritus +47 22856843 Classics
Lauritzen, Ellen Sofie Adviser 93606465
Lausund , Olav Professor em.
Picture of Louisa Olufsen Layne Layne, Louisa Olufsen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840686 English, English literature, Comparative literature, Literature, Harlem Renaissance, Caribbean, Caribbean literature, African American literature, Aesthetics, Populærmusikk, Poetry
Picture of Minna Lehtonen Lehtonen, Minna Associate Professor +47-22844293 Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Multilingual competence, Multilingualism, Bilingualism, Language control, Executive functions, Morphological processing, Word recognition
Picture of Siren Leirvåg Leirvåg, Siren Lecturer +47 22856124 Theatre theory, Theatre history, Dramaturgy
Picture of Sabine Liliana Leske Leske, Sabine Liliana Postdoctoral Fellow
Li, Hongtao Associate Professor
Picture of Brynjar Lia Lia, Brynjar Professor +47 22857191 Middle East, Islamism, Jihadism, CIMS
Picture of Einar Lie Lie, Einar Professor +47 22857562 93284945 History, Contemporary History, Economic History, Planning and policymaking
Picture of Svein Lie Lie, Svein Professor Emeritus +47 22854942
Picture of Astrid Lied Lied, Astrid Senior Adviser +47 22 85 76 08 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Gunnar Liestøl Liestøl, Gunnar Professor +47 22850439 Media and communication, Mobile media, Augmented Reality, Location–based media, Rhetoric, Narratology, Digital Design
Picture of Mari Lilleslåtten Lilleslåtten, Mari Adviser +47 22854439
Picture of Chieh-Ting Lin Lin, Chieh-Ting Lecturer +47 22854781 Chinese