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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Guro Busterud Busterud, Guro Associate Professor +47 22857066 Nordic language
Picture of Sarah Cameron Cameron, Sarah Doctoral Research Fellow Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Second language acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Language processing, EEG
Picture of Hans-Olav Enger Enger, Hans-Olav Professor +47 22856092 Nordic language
Evjen, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow Scandinavian linguistics, Linguistics, Norwegian Language, Phonetics and phonology, Language change, Experimental Linguistics
Picture of Jan Terje Faarlund Faarlund, Jan Terje
Picture of Piotr Garbacz Garbacz, Piotr Associate Professor +47 22857634 +47 451 25 429 Nordic language
Picture of Anne Golden Golden, Anne Professor +4722854291 +4790939590 Multilingualism, Second language acquisition, Education, Literacy, Vocabulary, Metaphors, Identity, Narratives, Creole studies, Norwegian Grammar, Family Language Policy
Picture of Oddrun Grønvik Grønvik, Oddrun 95 13 13 89
Picture of Kristin  Haug Haug, Kristin PhD-student 90662393 Nordic language
Picture of Kristoffer Kruken Kruken, Kristoffer Name studies
Picture of Svein Lie Lie, Svein
Laanemets, Anu Associate Professor +47 22854906 Nordic language
Picture of Toril Opsahl Opsahl, Toril Associate Professor +47 22 85 82 19 Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics, Education, Discourse Analysis
Picture of Alessandro Palumbo Palumbo, Alessandro Associate Professor +47 22856967 Runology, Epigraphy, Old Norse Philology, Historical sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Linguistic Landscapes
Picture of Unn Røyneland Røyneland, Unn Professor, Center Director of MultiLing +47-22859183 +47-93831064 Social Dialectology, Language and Dialect Contact, Sociolinguistics, Language Policy and Planning, Multilingualism
Stausland Johnsen, Sverre Professor of Scandinavian linguistics +47 22 85 69 42 Phonology, Sound change, Language change, Historical linguistics
Picture of Bente Ailin Svendsen Svendsen, Bente Ailin Professor +47 22856966 Sociolinguistics, Second language acquisition, Scandinavian linguistics, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Discourse Analysis
Picture of Eirik Tengesdal Tengesdal, Eirik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 40555711 Scandinavian studies, Linguistics, Corpus, Dialects, Eye tracking, Clinical Linguistics, Language Acquisition
Picture of Ingebjørg Tonne Tonne, Ingebjørg Professor, Deputy Director of MultiLing 22856766 Nordic Language, Second language acquisition, Contrastive linguistics, Multilingualism
Picture of Arne Torp Torp, Arne 99308790
Picture of Ruth E Vatvedt Fjeld Vatvedt Fjeld, Ruth E Professor Emerita +47-22854385 +47-90564594 Nordic language
Picture of Lars Vikør Vikør, Lars
Vinje, Finn-Erik
Picture of Dagfinn Peder Worren Worren, Dagfinn Peder
Picture of Nathan Joel Young Young, Nathan Joel Postdoctoral Fellow