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Nordic Literary Studies in Flux

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About the group

The research group ”Nordic Literary Studies in Flux” engages in Scandinavian Studies broadly understood. Our point of departure is literary studies, but from there we move in many directions including:

  • cultural studies
  • intellectual history
  • aesthetics, interart and intermediality
  • visual narratives (film and tv)
  • drama studies
  • Ibsen studies
  • gender studies
  • translation studies
  • digital humanities
  • philology and book history
  • education (didactics and pedagogy)

Our research groups are internationally oriented; we organize international and/or interdisciplinary seminars, workshops and conferences, and we present our work at various Nordic and international conferences. We strive to foster a stimulating and mutually supportive work environment.


Our research has until recently been focused through three separate but intersecting research projects, in addition to a number of smaller, individual research projects (see individual webpages for ongoing activities):

A common thematic denominator within these larger projects is a focus on cultural encounters (multiculturalism, racism, immigration) and changing conceptualizations of Nordic and especially Norwegian identity, both historically and today.

A new project in which we are involved is:

Other projects related to Nordic Literary Studies in Flux:

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