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Video Lab

The Video Lab is used for recording and editing audio and video. Furthermore, the Video Lab is suited for live streaming, green screen shooting, and networked music performances.

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A digital video patch an analogue audio patch ensures that the Video Lab can receive any sound- or video signal across the department.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Various computers for audio and video editing as well a machine for LOLA (LOw LAtency audio visual streaming system)
  • High-resolution monitors for video post production
  • Large screens for communication and networked music performances
  • Genelec 8030 and 8020 active studio monitors 
  • Blackmagic SSD-4K recorder
  • 24-channel MOTU interface setup (preamps and converters)
  • 2 channels of Audient Black preamps 
  • 2 channels of Audient Black compressors
  • Mackie mixing desk
  • DBX 676 channelstrip (preamp, EQ and compressor)
  • Shure SM7b dynamic microphone for dubbing and broadcast recordings
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