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Picture of Olaf Almenningen Almenningen, Olaf Researcher +47-22854392
Picture of Per Thomas Andersen Andersen, Per Thomas Professor +47-22856954 +47-98425903
Picture of Anne Renette Askeland Askeland, Anne Renette Head Engineer +47-22858030
Bakkejord, Liv Jorunn Senior Lecturer +47-22854239
Picture of Sturla Berg-Olsen Berg-Olsen, Sturla Researcher +47-22857933 +47-99303985
Picture of Kjell Lars Berge Berge, Kjell Lars Professor +47-22856711 92421945
Picture of Christine Bergh-Smith Bergh-Smith, Christine Executive Officer +47-22856227 Reception
Picture of Aasta Marie Bjorvand Bjørkøy Bjorvand Bjørkøy, Aasta Marie +47-22856738
Picture of Liv Bliksrud Bliksrud, Liv +47-22856964
Börjars, Kersti Professor II
Christiansen, Fredrik Eugen Adviser +47-22854248
Picture of Ingeborg Dalby Dalby, Ingeborg Higher Executive Officer - on leave
Dannevig, André Nilsson Lecturer
Picture of Ståle Dingstad Dingstad, Ståle professor +47-22 85 67 87
Picture of Olga Djordjilovic Djordjilovic, Olga Adviser +47-22854326
Picture of Ragnhild Marianne Egeland Egeland, Ragnhild Marianne Professor +47-22857938
Picture of Eli Anne Eiesland Eiesland, Eli Anne 95902035
Picture of Elisabeth Ellingsen Ellingsen, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22 85 42 93 +47 22 85 62 27 (Ekspedisjon)
Picture of Nadia Karoline Elvebakk Elvebakk, Nadia Karoline Higher Executive Officer +47-22856091
Engelstad, Irene +47-22856948
Picture of Hans-Olav Enger Enger, Hans-Olav Professor +47-22856092
Engø, Anne Torunn Researcher +47-22856987
Picture of Stefka Georgieva Eriksen Eriksen, Stefka Georgieva +47 22857778
Etelämäki, Marja Irmeli Associate Professor
Picture of Ruth E Vatvedt Fjeld Fjeld, Ruth E Vatvedt Professor +47-22854385 +47-90564594
Picture of Britt-Marie Forsudd Forsudd, Britt-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856953 PhD, Research administration, Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, Study administration, Linguistics
Picture of Jorunn Frøili Frøili, Jorunn Lecturer +47-22856792 +47-41447999
Picture of Ylva Frøjd Frøjd, Ylva PhD Candidate Operation Day's Work, Rhetoric, Pedagogic, ScanGuilt, education
Picture of Sissel Furuseth Furuseth, Sissel Associate Professor +47-22859153 + 47 92414651 Nordic contemporary literature, Modernism, Literary Reception, Cognitive Poetics
Picture of Jan Terje Faarlund Faarlund, Jan Terje Professor +47-22856949
Picture of Piotr Garbacz Garbacz, Piotr Head of Department +47 451 25 429; +47 22 85 76 34
Picture of Tone Greve Gedde Gedde, Tone Greve +47-22854297
Picture of Patrick Georg Grosz Grosz, Patrick Georg Associate Professor
Grønlien, Helene PhD Candidate +47-22859153
Picture of Oddrun Grønvik Grønvik, Oddrun Researcher +47-22854327
Picture of Helge Gundersen Gundersen, Helge +47 22 85 48 62 + 47 911 86 251
Gundersen, Kjetil +47 22 85 78 73
Picture of Kristin Hagen Hagen, Kristin Senior Engineer +47-22857110
Picture of Victor Hansen Hansen, Victor Lecturer +47-22854297 Norsk for internasjonale studenter
Picture of Liv Andlem Harnæs Harnæs, Liv Andlem Senior Lecturer +47-22855958
Picture of Margit Harsson Harsson, Margit Associate Professor +47-22854377
Haugli, Hanne PhD Candidate
Picture of Katharina Heinz Heinz, Katharina PhD Candidate
Picture of Frode Hermundsgård Hermundsgård, Frode Associate Professor +47-22857688
Holmen, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22854986
Picture of Eszter Horvati Horvati, Eszter (+47) 22 85 48 02 (+47) 922 89 290
Picture of Kristina Leganger Iversen Iversen, Kristina Leganger PhD Candidate
Jenstad, Tor Erik 73596402 41562406
Picture of Lasse Morten Johannesen Johannesen, Lasse Morten Lecturer +47-22857242
Johansen, Gard Atle Secretary +47-22854990