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Picture of Olaf Almenningen Almenningen, Olaf +47 22 85 43 92
Picture of Per Thomas Andersen Andersen, Per Thomas Professor +47-22856954 +47-98425903
Picture of Anne Renette Askeland Askeland, Anne Renette Head Engineer +47-22858030
Bakkejord, Liv Jorunn Senior Lecturer +47-22854239
Picture of Sturla Berg-Olsen Berg-Olsen, Sturla Researcher +47-22857933 +47-99303985
Picture of Kjell Lars Berge Berge, Kjell Lars Professor +47-22856711 92421945
Picture of Christine Bergh-Smith Bergh-Smith, Christine Executive Officer +47-22856227 Reception
Picture of Aasta Marie Bjorvand Bjørkøy Bjorvand Bjørkøy, Aasta Marie +47-22856738
Picture of Liv Bliksrud Bliksrud, Liv +47-22856964
Börjars, Kersti Professor II
Christiansen, Fredrik Eugen Adviser +47-22854248
Picture of Ingeborg Dalby Dalby, Ingeborg Higher Executive Officer - on leave
Dannevig, André Nilsson Lecturer
Picture of Ståle Dingstad Dingstad, Ståle professor +47-22 85 67 87
Picture of Olga Djordjilovic Djordjilovic, Olga Adviser +47-22854326
Picture of Ragnhild Marianne Egeland Egeland, Ragnhild Marianne Professor +47-22857938
Picture of Eli Anne Eiesland Eiesland, Eli Anne 95902035
Picture of Elisabeth Ellingsen Ellingsen, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22 85 42 93 +47 22 85 62 27 (Ekspedisjon)
Picture of Nadia Karoline Elvebakk Elvebakk, Nadia Karoline Higher Executive Officer +47-22856091
Engelstad, Irene Professor Emeritus +47-22856948
Picture of Hans-Olav Enger Enger, Hans-Olav Professor +47-22856092
Engø, Anne Torunn Researcher +47-22856987
Picture of Stefka Georgieva Eriksen Eriksen, Stefka Georgieva +47 22857778
Etelämäki, Marja Irmeli Associate Professor +47-22859129
Picture of Ruth E Vatvedt Fjeld Fjeld, Ruth E Vatvedt Professor +47-22854385 +47-90564594
Picture of Britt-Marie Forsudd Forsudd, Britt-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856953 PhD, Research administration, Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, Study administration, Linguistics
Picture of Jorunn Frøili Frøili, Jorunn Lecturer +47-22856792 +47-41447999
Picture of Ylva Frøjd Frøjd, Ylva PhD Candidate Operation Day's Work, Rhetoric, Pedagogic, ScanGuilt, education
Picture of Sissel Furuseth Furuseth, Sissel Associate Professor +47-22859153 + 47 92414651 Nordic contemporary literature, Modernism, Literary Reception, Cognitive Poetics
Picture of Jan Terje Faarlund Faarlund, Jan Terje Professor Emeritus +47-22856949
Picture of Piotr Garbacz Garbacz, Piotr Head of Department +47 451 25 429; +47 22 85 76 34
Picture of Tone Greve Gedde Gedde, Tone Greve Professor Emeritus +47-22854297
Picture of Patrick Georg Grosz Grosz, Patrick Georg Associate Professor
Grønlien, Helene PhD Candidate +47-22859153
Picture of Oddrun Grønvik Grønvik, Oddrun Researcher +47-22854327
Picture of Helge Gundersen Gundersen, Helge +47 22 85 48 62 + 47 911 86 251
Gundersen, Kjetil +47 22 85 78 73
Picture of Kristin Hagen Hagen, Kristin Senior Engineer +47-22857110
Picture of Victor Hansen Hansen, Victor Lecturer +47-22854297 Norsk for internasjonale studenter
Picture of Liv Andlem Harnæs Harnæs, Liv Andlem Senior Lecturer +47-22855958
Picture of Margit Harsson Harsson, Margit Professor Emeritus +47-22854377
Haugli, Hanne PhD Candidate
Picture of Katharina Heinz Heinz, Katharina PhD Candidate Old Norse Philology, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Middle Ages, PhD
Picture of Frode Hermundsgård Hermundsgård, Frode Associate Professor +47-22857688
Holmen, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22854986
Picture of Eszter Horvati Horvati, Eszter (+47) 22 85 48 02 (+47) 922 89 290
Picture of Kristina Leganger Iversen Iversen, Kristina Leganger PhD Candidate
Jenstad, Tor Erik 73596402 41562406
Picture of Lasse Morten Johannesen Johannesen, Lasse Morten Lecturer +47-22857242
Johansen, Gard Atle Secretary +47-22854990