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Picture of Anna L. Ahlers Ahlers, Anna L. Associate Professor +47 228 56857 China, Politics, Political regime, Society, Greater China region
Picture of Arne Bugge Amundsen Amundsen, Arne Bugge Dean +47-22857629 +47-92244774 Cultural history, Folk religion, Folk memory and folklore, Rituals, Museums and Museology, Norwegian estates
Picture of Kari  Andersen Andersen, Kari Research coordinator +47 228 58468 PhD coordinator
Picture of Knut Espen Arnesen Arnesen, Knut Espen Lecturer Semitic, Hebrew, CIMS
Picture of Reiko Abe Auestad Auestad, Reiko Abe Professor +47-22856050 Japan, Modern Japanese literature and culture, Women 's position in Japan
Picture of Knut Hermundstad Aukrust Aukrust, Knut Hermundstad Professor +47-22856991 Cultural History, Popular culture, Rituals, Folklore
Picture of Maria Birnbaum Birnbaum, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855582 International Relations, Social Theory, Political Philosophy, Politics of Religion and Culture, Colonial History
Bjordal, Sine Halkjelsvik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858195
Picture of Marion Irene Bowman Bowman, Marion Irene Professor II +447974979642
Picture of Bernt Brendemoen Brendemoen, Bernt Professor +47-22856981 Turkish, Pamuk, Language contact, Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Brita Brenna Brenna, Brita Professor 228 56932 Museums and Museology, Cultural history, Nature and the natural, History of Science
Picture of Jens Erland Braarvig Braarvig, Jens Erland Professor +47-22856858 History of Religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Language contact
Picture of Mattias Bäckström Bäckström, Mattias Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857192 History of Ideas, Museums and Museology, Cultural History, History of Architecture and Built Environment, Exhibition Production
Picture of Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857415 History of Science, Post Colonialism, Bengal Renaissance, Science Fiction
Picture of Elena Chiti Chiti, Elena Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855591 The Middle East, Cultural history, Arabic, Arabic Literature, Arab revolutions, Egypt, CIMS
Picture of Arne Lie Christensen Christensen, Arne Lie Emeritus Cultural history, Cultural monuments and preservation, Cultural landscapes, Building traditions and living
Picture of Olga Djordjilovic Djordjilovic, Olga Adviser +47-22854326
Dorje, Lotan PhD Candidate +47 967 56321 +86 183 9718 5155
Picture of Lutz Eberhard Edzard Edzard, Lutz Eberhard Professor II +47-22844836 Middle East, Semitic, Hebrew, Arabic, Language contact, CIMS
Picture of Nora Sunniva Eggen Eggen, Nora Sunniva Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854830 Arabic, Islam, The Middle East, North Africa, History of Religions, CIMS
Picture of Halvor Eifring Eifring, Halvor Professor +47-22857703 China, Chinese, Linguistics, Meditation, Self-cultivation, Zen, Chinese literature, Taiwan
Picture of Anders Ekeland Ekeland, Anders Student advisor Japanese Studies +47 22 85 56 40 Courses, Advice, Examination, Study administration, Student guidance, Student administration, internationalisation
Picture of Mattias Ekman Ekman, Mattias Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844742 +47-932 00 252 Museums and Museology, Museum studies, Museums, Collective memory, Cultural memory, Monuments, Memorials, The theory and history of architecture
Picture of Cecilie Endresen Endresen, Cecilie Associate Professor +47-22856706 History of Religion, Islam and Christianity in Southeast Europe, Religion and politics, Religious pluralism, Albanian, Nationalism
Picture of Dag Øistein Endsjø Endsjø, Dag Øistein Professor in History of Religion 22854918 99043311 History of Religions, Christianity, Religion and gender, History of sexuality, Religion and politics, Human rights, Religion and popular culture, Antiquity, Popular Religion, Rituals, Death and immortality
Picture of Anne Eriksen Eriksen, Anne Professor +47-22856989 Cultural history, Nature and the natural, Understanding of history - memory and public policy, Museums and Museology, Medical history, Folk religion
Picture of Line  Esborg Esborg, Line Associate Professor +4722854919 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Ethnography, Folklore and popular memory, Narratology
Picture of Hedda Flatø Flatø, Hedda PhD Candidate +47-22855576
Picture of Lars Tore Flåten Flåten, Lars Tore Associate Professor +47-22854799 97135381 South Asia, Identity politics, India
Picture of Kathinka Frøystad Frøystad, Kathinka Professor of Modern South Asian studies +47-22854790 India, Anthropology, Religion and politics, Cosmopolitanism, Inequality
Picture of Signe Horn Fuglesang Fuglesang, Signe Horn Professor emerita Art History, Middle Ages, Vikings
Picture of Asbjørn Brovold Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Asbjørn Brovold Higher Executive Officer +47-22844506 Web publishing, Human resources administrastion, Infrastructure, Purchasing
Picture of Anders Gustavsson Gustavsson, Anders Professor emeritus Cultural History, Folk religion, Folklore and popular memory, Cultural encounters, Rituals, Cultural heritage, Tourism
Picture of Stephan Guth Guth, Stephan Professor +47-22856783 Arabic, Turkish, Comparative Literature, Languages and Literatures of the "Islamic World", Etymology of Arabic, Philology, In 2016, Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Mette Halskov Hansen Hansen, Mette Halskov Professor +47 22856161 +47 41547876 +47 41547876 China, air pollution, environment, education, ethnic relations, Individualization, individualization
Picture of Tomoko Okazaki Hansen Hansen, Tomoko Okazaki Associate Professor +47-22856380 Japanese, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Picture of Christoph Harbsmeier Harbsmeier, Christoph Professor Emeritus +47-22856706 Chinese, East Asia, China
Picture of Bjørn Sverre Haugen Haugen, Bjørn Sverre Associate Professor
Picture of Hanna Havnevik Havnevik, Hanna Professor +47-22857209 History of Religions, Buddhism, Tibet
Picture of Kjell Helgheim Helgheim, Kjell Professor Emeritus +47-22854556 Theatre history
Picture of Sigurd Hjelde Hjelde, Sigurd Professor Emeritus History of Religions, Christianity
Picture of Bjarne Hodne Hodne, Bjarne Professor Cultural History, Cultural heritage, Folklore and popular memory, Rituals, Nationalism
Hodne, Ørnulf Gjesteforsker 228 56990 Cultural History
Picture of Albrecht Hofheinz Hofheinz, Albrecht Associate Professor +47-22856854 +47-47285768 The Middle East, Arab Media, Internet, Islam, North Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Timbuktu, CIMS
Picture of Live Hov Hov, Live Professor Emeritus +47-22854684 Theatre history, Ibsen, Music theatre, Baroque Opera
Picture of Astrid Hovden Hovden, Astrid Adviser +47-22854625 History of Religions, Buddhism, Himalaya, Tibet, Rituals, Social History, Environmental History, Climate Change, Research administration
Picture of Astrid Hovden Hovden, Astrid Adviser +47-22854625 History of Religions, Buddhism, Himalaya, Tibet, Rituals, Social History, Environmental History, Climate Change, Research administration
Picture of Jacob Høigilt Høigilt, Jacob Associate Professor +47-22854429 41256832 The Middle East, Arabic, Sociolinguistics, Social movements, Islamism, CIMS
Picture of Eva Marie Håland Håland, Eva Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854456 Arabic, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, CIMS
Picture of Ina Marie Lunde Ilkama Ilkama, Ina Marie Lunde PhD Candidate +47-22854782 Sanskrit, India, Hinduism, rituals, festivals, South Asia
Picture of Joanna Iranowska Iranowska, Joanna PhD Candidate +47-22855235 Museums and Museology, Cultural heritage, Archives, Digitizing, Digital Humanities
Picture of Rana Hisham Issa Issa, Rana Hisham Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857801 Arabic, Translation Studies, Biblical Studies, Philology, History of Religions, The Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, CIMS
Jacobsen, Stine Alling PhD Candidate +47-22854914
Picture of Lene Ørbech  Jensen Jensen, Lene Ørbech Student Advisor Chinese Studies +47 22 85 52 34 Courses, Advice, Examination, Study administration, Student guidance, Student administration
Picture of Dirk Johannsen Johannsen, Dirk Associate Professor +47-22844076 Cultural history, Popular Religion, Witchcraft and magic, Narrative theory, Fairytales and legends, Cognitive Anthropology
Picture of Helge Jordheim Jordheim, Helge Professor +47-22856904 Cultural history, Global history
Picture of Otto Krogseth Krogseth, Otto Professor emeritus +47-22856855 History of Religions, Christianity, Ethics
Picture of Ragnhild Kuløy Kuløy, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer 228 56060
Picture of Per Kværne Kværne, Per Professor +47-94327213 History of Religions, Hinduism
Picture of Bård Kårtveit Kårtveit, Bård Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856556 Middle East, Nationalism, Minority-majority relations, Migration, CIMS
Picture of Kari Langseth Langseth, Kari Student Advisor 22 84 44 03
Picture of Siren Leirvåg Leirvåg, Siren Lecturer +47-22856124 Theatre history, Theatre theory, Dramaturgy
Picture of Brynjar Lia Lia, Brynjar Professor +47-22857191 The Middle East, Islamism, Jihadism, CIMS
Picture of Chieh-Ting Lin Lin, Chieh-Ting Lecturer +47-22854781 Chinese
Picture of Trude Lind Lind, Trude Study coordinator, student advisor South Asia studies 228 58105
Lunde, Hannah Kristine Research Assistant
Picture of Charlotte Lysa Lysa, Charlotte PhD Candidate +47-22854728 +47 92068796 The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Football, Sports, CIMS
Picture of Laila Makboul Makboul, Laila PhD Candidate +47-22844512 Middle East, Islam, Arabic, CIMS, Saudi Arabia, Islamism
Picture of Mats Malm Malm, Mats Professor II +47-22854255 comparative literature, cultural heritage, textual criticism, Nordic literature, Antiquity, Digital humanities
Picture of Silje Opdahl Mathisen Mathisen, Silje Opdahl Head Engineer +47-22859923 99478111 Cultural history, Museums and Museology
Picture of Gunvor Mejdell Mejdell, Gunvor Professor +47-22854776 Arabic, Middle East, Sociolinguistics, CIMS
Picture of Hans Henrik Moe Moe, Hans Henrik PhD Candidate +47-22855589 China, Air pollution, Social inequality
Mohamed, Mohab PhD Candidate +47-22855585 CIMS
Picture of Mary Boulos Moubarak Moubarak, Mary Boulos Lecturer +47-22854976 004747857680 Arabic, CIMS
Picture of Saphinaz Amal Naguib Naguib, Saphinaz Amal Professor +47-22854933 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Egypt, Islam, Middle East, Cultural encounters, Ancient Egyptian religion and art, CIMS
Picture of Marie  Nicolaisen Nicolaisen , Marie Student Advisor Cultural history and museology, International coordinator + 47 22 85 42 73 Cultural history, Museum studies, erasmus, Study administration, Student guidance, Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange
Picture of Jon Nordenson Nordenson, Jon Researcher +47-22854819 The Middle East, Arabic, Oil Politics in the Gulf Region, Kuwait, Egypt, Activism, Democratization, Climate Change, Energy
Oftedal, Karoline Student advisor history of religion +47-22844403
Picture of Ane Ohrvik Ohrvik, Ane Associate Professor +47-22857837 +47 40854377 Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural encounters, Book History, Witchcraft and magic, Rituals, knowledge
Picture of Janne Werner Olsrud Olsrud, Janne Werner PhD Candidate +47-22854684 Museums and Museology, Cultural history, Material Culture
Picture of Joakim Parslow Parslow, Joakim Associate Professor +47-22844589 Politics, Middle East, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Law and Society, Intellectual History, CIMS
Pedersen, Miyuki Tsuruta Lecturer +47-22856028 Japanese
Picture of Teresa Pepe Pepe, Teresa Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854126 Arabic, Arabic Literature, The Middle East, New Media, CIMS
Picture of Ragnhild Rebne Rebne, Ragnhild Administrativ Head of Department +47-22855926 ragnhild.rebne@ikos.uio .no
Resløkken, Åmund Norum PhD Candidate 40068751 40068751 Cultural history, Folklore and popular memory, Folkloristic historiography
Picture of Bjarne Rogan Rogan, Bjarne Professor Emeritus +47-93458268 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Cultural encounters, Tourism, Coastal culture, Material culture
Picture of Paul Rollier Rollier, Paul Associate Professor
Picture of Tilde Rosmer Rosmer, Tilde Researcher The Middle East, Hebrew, Palestinian citizens of Israel, Jews, CIMS
Picture of Aike Peter Rots Rots, Aike Peter Associate Professor +47-22858385 Japan, Religion and politics, Shinto, Japanese, Nature and the environment, Culture and society, East and Southeast Asia
Picture of Arild Engelsen Ruud Ruud, Arild Engelsen Professor of South Asia Studies, Head of Research +47 22 85 67 12 +47 995 33 823 South Asia, India, Political culture, Bangladesh
Picture of Lise Camilla Ruud Ruud, Lise Camilla Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857261 +47 94379777 Cultural history, Museums and Museology
Rye, Lina Hildershavn Research Assistant Airborne, Project assistance
Salte, Steinar
Picture of Guro Warhuus Samuelsen Samuelsen, Guro Warhuus PhD Candidate +47-22854487 41104558 41104558 South Asia, Political culture, Caste, Hindi, Religion and politics, India
Picture of Ruth Laila Schmidt Schmidt, Ruth Laila Professor Emeritus +47-22855586 +47-95753613 South Asia
Picture of Edwin A. Schmitt Schmitt, Edwin A. Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kjetil Selvik Selvik, Kjetil Associate Professor Middle East, CIMS
Picture of Moumita Sen Sen, Moumita Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855104 +4746248448 South Asia, Art History, Anthropological theory, Aesthetic theory, Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Popular Visual Culture, Religion and politics, Religionshistorie
Picture of Yongdong Shen Shen, Yongdong Researcher China, Politics, civil society, Environment
Picture of Erik Skare Skare, Erik PhD Candidate +47-22854933 +47 22 85 49 33 The Middle East, Palestine, Israel, SIMS, Hamas
Picture of Ingse Skattum Skattum, Ingse Professor emerita +47 228 58514 Africa, French
Picture of Hanne Skramstad Skramstad, Hanne Head of academics 228 55924
Picture of Ida Sletta Sletta, Ida Student advisor for Middle East Studies +47-22858382
Picture of Erling Lorentzen Sogge Sogge, Erling Lorentzen PhD Candidate +47-22844509 Midtøsten, CIMS
Picture of Ivo Spira Spira, Ivo Postdoctoral Fellow 228 58103 936 91 204 Chinese, Arabic, Dungan, Linguistics
Picture of Sathya Sritharan Sritharan, Sathya Economy officer 228 54921
Picture of Dick Stegewerns Stegewerns, Dick Associate professor +47-228 57121 Japan, Japanese
Picture of Nora Stene Stene, Nora Associate professor 228 44068 History of Religions, Christianity, Islam, The Middle East, Copts/ Coptic Church, CIMS
Picture of Anne Stensvold Stensvold, Anne Professor +47-22854932 History of Religions, Religion and politics, Christianity, Folk religion
Stovner, Ina Louise S. PhD Candidate +47-22844513 Cultural history, Understanding of history - memory and public policy, History painting
Picture of Rune Svarverud Svarverud, Rune Professor (+47) 22856982 China, Chinese, Popular culture, Cultural encounters
Picture of Marcus Jacobus Teeuwen Teeuwen, Marcus Jacobus Professor +47-22856761 Japan, Japanese, Buddhism, Shintoism
Thargyal, Rinzin Executive Officer +47-22858102
Picture of Berit S Thorbjørnsrud Thorbjørnsrud, Berit S Professor +47-22858196 40484837 The Middle East, History of Religions, Islam, Gender Studies, CIMS
Picture of Liv Emma Thorsen Thorsen, Liv Emma Professor Emerita Cultural history, The Cultural History of the Dog, Animal Biographies, Animals and Materiality
Thorsson, Bergsveinn PhD Candidate +47-22854255
Picture of Vladimir Tikhonov Tikhonov, Vladimir Professor +47-22857118 +4791350070 East Asia, Korea, Korean, Buddhism
Picture of Ellen Hellebostad Toft Toft, Ellen Hellebostad Higher Executive Officer +47-22854379
Picture of Hanne Amanda Trangerud Trangerud, Hanne Amanda PhD Candidate +47-22854911 History of Religions, Christianity, Evangelicals, Religion and politics, Religion and health issues
Picture of Chaksham Tsering Tsering, Chaksham PhD candidate 48 63 46 23
Picture of Dag Henrik Tuastad Tuastad, Dag Henrik Senior Lecturer +47-22844165 Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Global South, CIMS
Picture of Hans Christoffer Tyldum Tyldum, Hans Christoffer Adviser +47-22844736
Picture of Emel Türker-Van der Heiden Türker-Van der Heiden, Emel Associate Professor +47-22857735 Turkish, Linguistics, Middle East, Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Codeswitching, CIMS
Picture of Carina Bjerk Tørud Tørud, Carina Bjerk Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Bjørn Olav Utvik Utvik, Bjørn Olav Professor +47-22856808 +47-97133256 +47-97133256 Middle East, Oil Politics in the Gulf Region, Islam, Religion and politics, CIMS
Picture of Marzia Varutti Varutti, Marzia Associate Professor +47-22856992 Museums and Museology, Cultural History, Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic relations, Cultural encounters, Material culture, Taiwan, China, Norway, Canada (British Columbia).
Picture of Øystein Krogh Visted Visted, Øystein Krogh Lecturer +47-22859166 90928919 +47 90928919 Chinese, China
Picture of Øystein Krogh Visted Visted, Øystein Krogh Lecturer +47-22859166 90928919 +47 90928919 Chinese, China
Picture of Kari Vogt Vogt, Kari Emerita History of Religions, Islam, CIMS
Wangmo, Sonam Phd candidate
Picture of Koen Wellens Wellens, Koen Associate Professor +47 22856790 +47 90512313 China, religion, society, religion and politics, ethnic minorities
Whitehead, Christopher Professor II Museums and Museology
Picture of Einar Wigen Wigen, Einar Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858239 Turkish, Turkey, Central Asia, Political Islam, The Middle East
Picture of Morgaine Theresa Wood Wood, Morgaine Theresa PhD Candidate +47-22858103
Picture of Zehad Sabry Mohamed Zehad Zehad, Zehad Sabry Mohamed Lecturer +47-22854429 +47 93008303 CIMS
Picture of Claus Peter Zoller Zoller, Claus Peter Professor +47-22858039 Hindi, South Asia, India, Rituals
Picture of Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati Zorgati, Ragnhild Johnsrud Associate Professor +47-22856855 History of Religions, Islam, Middle East, North Africa, Comparative Literature, CIMS
Picture of John Ødemark Ødemark, John Associate Profesor 228 56856 Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural heritage, Nature and the Natural, Latin-America, Witchcraft and magic, Folklore and popular memory
Picture of Olav Gjertsen Ørum Ørum, Olav Gjertsen PhD Candidate +47-22854436 92027533 0047 92027533 Arabic, Hebrew, Semitic, Judaeo-Arabic, Sociolinguistics, The Middle East, Egypt, CIMS
Picture of Mathilde Becker Aarseth Aarseth, Mathilde Becker PhD Candidate +47-22855658 +4793691559 Middle East, Arabic, Islamism, Syria, Iraq, CIMS